Ford Transit-150 Neoprene Seat Covers

The Ford Transit-150 is a full-size van that looks rather plain and simple; it’s a box on wheels Euro-styled commercial hauler for drivers who need to transport a huge amount of cargo or upwards of 15 passengers. The Transit-150 comes with multiple wheelbase options, body lengths, heights, and engine choices: a twin turbo V6 capable of generating 275 horses, or a stout turbo-diesel inline five that produces 185 horses. Additionally, Ford provides a telematics package deal for Transit-150 buyers, which can give commercial drivers the ability to track an entire fleet. All in all, it’s a truck that just plain works. CalTrend Ford Transit-150 Neoprene Seat Covers are 100% Made in the USA.

CalTrend is the leading provider of Ford Transit-150 Neopreneleather seat covers.

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