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Nissan Murano Seat Covers

Cutting edge styling combines with a roomy interior that exudes class to create the Nissan Murano as a vehicle for the discriminating SVU owner. Not content to be a traditional SVU, this futuristic model helps define the term "crossover", and its owners have no trouble putting that concept to the test. Whether it's loading up for a day at the beach, heading out for a weekend of camping in the woods or just leaving for a trip to the mall, this is a vehicle that has seen it all. When you add a set of custom-made Nissan Murano seat covers to the interior, you're telling the world that you're ready to do it all, too.

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High-Quality Seat Covers

Just because you lead an active lifestyle, doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the finer things in life. CalTrend understands this, which is why we offer custom-made seat covers in fabrics that are as durable as they are luxurious, from the sophistication and breathability of EuroSport to the trendy and supple feel of Carbon Fiber. Our fabrics come in a variety of colors and with options that make sure your Nissan Murano seat covers keep looking good years after you buy them. You won’t have to wait for them, either, because 90% of our orders are filled and delivered in five days or less.

We Make Them Just for You

If you’re looking for fabrics that are more fitting with an outdoor lifestyle, we can help you there, too. Among your choices of fabric is the element-resistant durability of NeoSupreme or the compression-resistant breathability of SportsTex, to name a few. Once you’ve made your choice, our specialists use advanced computer-aided design technology and manufacturing techniques to create your custom-made Nissan Murano seat covers. We don’t keep any inventory on hand, so you know your seat cover is made just for you. This is just one of the reasons we’ve earned the nickname, “the ace of seat covers”. Check us out today, and see what we can do for you.

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