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Nissan 370Z Seat Covers

Nissan 370Z drivers know style and value when they see it. CalTrend's Nissan 370Z seat covers deliver both. Our seat covers are custom-made to suit every driver's tastes, available in a huge array of fabric choices and colors that keep your vehicle's seats in top condition and look great while doing it.

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Precision Fit and Fast Delivery

CalTrend is an industry leader when it comes to precision-made covers and quick delivery. We offer the fastest shipping in the industry, with most orders processed and fulfilled within 2-5 days. How can we do this? We custom-produce every set of seat covers at an innovative manufacturing facility in California that employs technologically advanced CAD/CAM systems. We cut each product to exact measures, so each set of covers you order is precisely fitted to your vehicle’s factory seats. They’ll conform like a glove, and with easy installation features, using your new covers is as simple as slipping them on. No struggles, no hassles, and your seats are protected and ready to go.

So Many Choices

No matter what your personal style and protection needs are, CalTrend crafts Nissan 370Z seat covers to meet them. For effortless daily style, our SportsTex fabric is a great UV-resistant option that guards against abrasion damage, mildew growth, fading and spills. Outdoors lovers choose NeoSupreme for its multiplicity of protective properties. It’s UV-resistant and made from a unique, wetsuit-like material that shields against stains and moisture from mud, dirt tracks, water or anything else your adventures in nature throw at your vehicle’s interiors. You might select our Carbon Fiber fabric, crafted to look like its namesake yet provide the unmistakable comforts of leather along with antifungal, antibacterial and flame retardance properties with resistance to stain, mildew and UV damage. With other bonuses such as our two-year warrantee and 100% Customer Satisfaction, you won’t want to get your seat covers from anywhere else.

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