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Nissan Leaf Seat Covers

You love the Leaf for its environmental benefits and tech options that keep you connected. You like the attention the electric car brings, and you're happy to show it off. To keep it looking new inside, you need Nissan Leaf seat covers from CalTrends, the industry leader in high-quality covers customized to fit your vehicle.

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Quality Workmanship

CalTrends has more than 25 years of experience making seat covers. In fact, that’s all we do. That means we can focus on making your Nissan Leaf seat covers the best they can be. We offer 12 different fabrics and up to nine colors to fit both your style and your needs. Do you have a dog or another pet that rides with you? You can’t go wrong with Sports Tex, Retro Camo or our Pet Print (featuring a paw print fabric), which all feature tough, durable material that clean up easily. Along with these materials, we offer leather and faux leather, high-performance neoprene and carbon fiber, plus suede, tweed and more. These materials offer benefits such as resistance to UV rays and mildew while protecting your seats from stains, scuffs and daily wear and tear.

Made in the U.S.

At CalTrends, we don’t pre-make our seat covers; our work doesn’t begin until you place an order. We use precision cutting tools to ensure an exact fit to your car’s specifications, and complete the entire manufacturing process in our state-of-the-art facility in Santa Ana, California. We’re proud to say we make our seat covers entirely in the U.S.A. We’re also proud to have the best delivery window in the business. Despite the care we take in starting from scratch with each cover, we deliver 90 percent of our orders within two to five days. Keep your car interior in factory condition when you order Nissan Leaf seat covers from CalTrends, which come with our assurance of 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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