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Dodge RAM Truck Seat Covers

We are the experts, providing top-notch Dodge RAM Truck Seat Covers made with world's leading fabrics. Our unmatched quality, cutting-edge design and attention to detail have made CalTrend the number-one choice for your Dodge RAM Truck Seat Covers needs.

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Even though the RAM trucks are still manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automotive, the nameplate is now simply RAM, instead of Dodge Ram. However, both nameplates are still under Fiat Chrysler Automotive. RAM pickups now include the 1500, 2500 and 3500, which compete directly with the Ford and Chevy trucks of the same size. Dodge also previously had a mid-size truck to compete with the Ranger and S-10 (now Colorado) called the Dakota. This truck was produced between 1987 and 2011. There have been rumors of FCA making a new Dodge mid-size pickup, but with the recent release of the mid-size Jeep Gladiator under the same company, it seems unlikely.

The RAM 1500 pickup comes in several body styles, including a regular cab, quad cab, crew cab and dually. They have been marketed since 2011 as having manual transmissions exclusive to their class. This is due to the fact that Ford and Chevy discontinued manual transmissions for their Super Duty and Silverado trucks respectively. A range of engines are available for RAM trucks, but the most popular are HEMI V8 engines and the Cummins turbodiesel six-cylinder.  More on Truck seat covers.