Dodge Challenger Seat Covers

The Dodge Challenger is a vehicle that effortlessly combines sports and luxury. Protecting your investment and increasing your comfort is easily possible with the right Dodge Challenger seat covers. Choose from a variety of options in terms of color, material and overall look to easily meet your function and style specifications for your vehicle's interior.

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Putting Your Covers On

CalTrend utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your Dodge Challenger seat covers are a perfect fit every time. This ensures that you love the look and feel of your new covers. It also makes sure that the installation process is as quick and easy as possible. Start by sliding on the back portion of the seat cover and pulling it down completely so that there is no sagging and to eliminate gaps or an uneven cover. Use the straps to secure the seat cover by pulling them below the cushion and securing them tightly. The next step is pulling the cushion cover part over the seat. Just like the back portion, you want to pull it taut and make sure that it is smooth and free from gaps. Check all straps to make sure that they are tight and tuck in any excess.

Get Your Seat Covers Fast

When you order your new seat covers, you do not want to wait weeks for them to arrive. You want to quickly apply your covers so that your Challenger gets the enhanced look and interior protection that you desire. On average, 90 percent of our orders are delivered in 2-5 business days, so you are not waiting to get your Dodge Challenger seat covers. You can be confident that you are getting superior products thanks to our standard 2-year warranty. Do not hesitate to order your new seat covers and do so without worry due to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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