Porsche Cayman Seat Covers

The desirable Porsche Cayman sports car is elegant and skilled, with exceptional handling. It's known for being athletic, powerful, and a great pleasure to drive. For custom seat covers that are as equally beautiful and allow for more personification, CalTrend is your best choice for tailored Porsche Cayman seat covers that use the best materials and the latest technologies.

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Our Fabric Selection

We have 12 fabrics and up to nine different colors to choose from. We have luxurious options that bring out the attractiveness of your sports car. No matter which fabric you choose, our seat covers are precision-cut and tailored to your seats to fit like a glove. They are UV and abrasion resistant, hold up their appearance over time, and protect the original seats. You also get headrest, armrest, and console covers, along with one complete row of Porsche Cayman seat covers. Some possible fabric options include EuroSport, which comes in 11 colors and allow for maximum breathability and comfort, and leather, which beautifies worn seats and gives you that new car smell.

Fastest Shipping in the Industry

CalTrend is a proud SEMA member and designs and manufactures all seat covers in the U.S. To ensure quality and fast turnaround times, all work is handled in our own facility in Santa Ana, CA. We provide excellent customer service throughout the ordering process, from giving fabric selection advice based on your lifestyle and vehicle type to instructions on seat installation. Our custom-tailored seat covers are easy to install and fit tightly over your original upholstery. They are made to last and come with a two-year warranty. CalTrend prides itself on using the highest quality materials and the latest CAD/CAM technology. We fulfill most of our orders within two to five days, and can accept 24-hour rush orders as well. Our experienced staff has more than 25 years of manufacturing seat covers, testing fabrics, and adapting to the latest manufacturing methods.