Lincoln MKX Seat Covers

The summer season is the time for long vacations, generally requiring large amounts of time in the car. With Lincoln MKX seat covers, the entire family can ride for hours in comfort without fail. CalTrend specializes in custom-tailored seat covers, ensuring that each and every one of their customers experiences the highest in style and function.

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Made in the Homeland

Lincoln vehicles inspire elegance and finesse, characteristics CalTrend aims to emulate in all of their high-quality, masterfully-designed seat covers. As we’re based out of Santa Ana, California, all of our merchandise is made in the U.S.A., a claim we’re proud to have the opportunity to state. The 12 fabrics and 9 colors available to our customers are well-crafted to smoothly be installed in your Lincoln vehicle without stress. Simply glide them into position over your Lincoln MKX’s pristine leather seats and feel relief in knowing your upholstery will be protected.

We Cater to Every Kind of Individual

With 25 years under our belts, CalTrend has learned the ins and outs of constructing seat covers that equate to comfort for every single individual. With advanced technology and top-of-the-line manufacturing, we’ve optimized Lincoln MKX seat covers to adapt and enhance to every rider in the vehicle. They are durable enough to withstand moisture, dirt, mildew and more to keep your vehicle clean and tidy, not to mention relaxing. However, we also ensure that everyone deserves the right to a two-year warranty, giving customers peace of mind when making their purchase.

Our fast turnaround service is also a perk, where 90% of our merchandise makes it through shipment within 2-5 days of orders being placed. Quality items and superb customer service are hard to find these days, but CalTrend excels in both areas with ease. Choose your Lincoln seat covers today and upgrade your ride for an enhanced experience that makes summer road trips all the more enticing.