GMC Sierra Seat Covers

The GMC Sierra: A heavy-duty pick-up that's been around since the beginning. Chances are that you own one because you need a vehicle that's rugged, tough and reliable. A set of GMC Sierra seat covers from CalTrend will be just as rugged, tough and reliable as your truck. They also happen to look great!

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Rugged Looks

CalTrend’s fabric selection offers rugged looks to match your style. We have camouflage options for the outdoor enthusiast, a wetsuit-style fabric called NeoSupreme and even a Pet Print for animal lovers. Two-tone options are available in most of our fabrics, making for a simple but eye-catching look. If you prefer a more traditional look like leather or canvas, then you’re in luck because we have that, too!

Tough Fabrics

While our fabrics offer great looks, we understand their durability is what’s most important to you. We put every fabric we use to the test and have the highest standards in the industry. As a result, you get to choose the fabric that offers the kind of protection you need most. You’ll find water and mildew protection from our Neoprene and NeoSupreme choices, great cargo and kid protection from DuraPlus and Sports Tex, and our canvas and Pet Print options help preserve your seats from scratches and punctures that your pets can cause.

Reliable Craftsmanship

CalTrend has set the bar high for the seat cover industry. We design every one of our seat covers and when you place your order, they are custom made with state of the art equipment in our Santa Ana, CA facility. What truly sets us apart is almost 25 years of experience and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. We know that only comes from the highest levels of craftsmanship and we back that up with a 2-year warranty. Order your GMC Sierra seat covers today and let us make you a set with a perfect fit!