GMC Canyon Seat Covers

GMCs are built tough for any lifestyle. Whether you're throwing equipment in the bed of your truck to head to your next job or are hauling a heavy load, your truck can handle the job. However, over time all that heavy duty wear and tear can affect the interior of your vehicle and ruin your upholstery. We sell a variety of GMC Canyon seat covers, so you can take on life's toughest jobs worry-free.

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Thanks to our highly customized process, you’ll be guaranteed seat covers that fit like a glove. We manufacture our custom seat covers to the specific dimensions of your vehicle, so you won’t have to second guess if they’re going to fit before you order them. If you like options, you’ll love what we have to offer. We sell seat covers in 12 different fabrics and up to nine different colors, so you can tailor your seat covers to match the rest of your vehicle’s interior and your personal style. All our products are manufactured right

here in the USA using the latest CAD/CAM systems, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the latest seat cover technology.

Fast Shipping

When you need to replace the seat covers in your vehicle, chances are you don’t want to go long without the added protection. That’s why, from start to finish, we offer the fastest shipping in the industry, and over 90 percent of our orders are processed and delivered in as little as 2-5 business days, which is much quicker than other companies. Our goal is to get your vehicle the protection it needs as quickly as possible, which is why we take fast, reliable shipping seriously. When you purchase your custom GMC Canyon seat covers from CalTrend, you’ll also find that we make installation quick and easy. We want to make it a simple, no-fuss process so you can get back on the road.