CalTrend vs Covercraft: Know the Difference

We want you to have the best seat covers for your vehicle, and we understand that the numerous options on the market can be confusing. You may have read through CalTrend seat covers reviews and still have some questions about why our covers are the best value. Here are a few things consider when making your choice between our products and Covercraft seat covers.

What Makes a Good Seat Cover

A seat cover has several important functions, and only the best quality covers will be able to perform them all:

• Repel spills that would stain the original fabrics
• Resist tears and rips from sharp objects
• Feel comfortable without sacrificing durability
• Easy installation that does not require special tools
• Stop UV rays from fading the fabrics

A seat cover should completely conceal your existing upholstery. It needs to fit snuggly, and mimic the original shape as much as possible. If it is too small, stretching it over your seat can cause tears. Even if you manage to install it on the seat, the tension from the poor fit will cause your seat to become misshapen.

Covers that are too loose do not protect adequately. We use specific data criteria to design your covers, and each individual seat cover is made to snuggly slide over the top of your current upholstery.

The Biggest Issue with Covercraft

Many of the Covercraft seat covers and car covers are too baggy. They may be easier to install than our form fitted custom seat cover, but they leave too much room between the fabric of the cover and the upholstery. This creates a few problems:

• The two fabrics will rub together causing abrasions
• Movement allows room for debris to fall in and contaminate your seats
• Without a snug fit, they can slide and peel off while you drive

We want you to invest in a product that does more than enhance the style for a season. We want to protect the value of your car throughout its life and under all circumstances. That is why our custom seat covers are specifically fitted to match the shapes of your seats.

Get in contact with one our dealers and get started creating your custom covers today.

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