Acura Seat Covers

Acura is a luxury brand that brings to mind top-level handling and horsepower, but you know it also excels in comfort and style. To help you personalize your car while keeping it as a leader in style and luxury, CalTrend offers custom-made Acura seat covers from the highest quality fabrics that are designed to accentuate what you love about your car while making it uniquely your own.

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Uniquely Yours

Your car is yours. It reflects your style and commitment to the best things in life. CalTrend understands this, which is why, even though we sell custom-made seat covers, armrests, headrests and console covers, we don’t keep anything in stock. We do this because we understand that your car is uniquely yours and it deserves a seat cover that is custom-made just for you. Whether it’s made from the most luxurious leather, the maximum breathability of EuroSport or the richness of SuperSuede, your Acura seat covers are being made just for you to your car’s specific dimensions using our advanced computer-aided design technology and manufacturing systems. Then, once they’re done, they don’t sit around our warehouse, because we ship them right out to you. This dedication to quality means that 90% of our orders are processed and delivered within two to five days, which is what you’d expect from an industry leader.

Superior-Quality Fabric Options

Our Acura seat covers come in a wide array of superior-quality fabric options, with many of them offering extra customization options so that you get exactly the look you want without having to settle for “almost”. If you’re having trouble deciding which of the luxurious fabrics and options would be best for you car, just contact one of our friendly representatives and they’ll be happy to help you find your perfect match. No matter what options you select, your seat covers are going to be easy-to-install and a perfect fit for your Acura. If they’re not, we back all of our orders with a standard two-year warranty. Check us out today.