GMC Terrain Seat Covers

The GMC Terrain gives you great power with a full back seat and a comfortable ride that's great for road trips, active families and outdoor adventures. CalTrend GMC Terrain seat covers will keep your interior well-protected from all that your life has to offer, with a look that you can customize to your taste.

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Why We’re Called Specialists

Sure, we’ve been making seat covers for over 20 years, so we have a lot of knowledge and experience behind us. The fact that our only focus has been seat covers is our advantage. Because high quality and 100% customer satisfaction have always been our compass, we’ve been able to reach superior levels of craftsmanship. We design all of our covers so we can ensure a perfect fit and easy installation. Then we use our cutting-edge technologies to manufacture your GMC Terrain seat covers in the fabrics you choose. Speaking of fabrics, we rigorously test them all against our own high standards and constantly ensure that we offer the best combination of great looks and protection. We’ve also learned a bit about the many different lifestyles people live, so we can be confident that we’re offering what people really need. We’ve got fabrics that protect your seats from the elements, active families, water, kids, cargo and even pets.

It’s Fast, Easy and Customized

We make each set of seat covers to order with a fast turnaround time and a 2-year warranty. The hardest part for you is deciding which fabric and color to choose! Choose from sporty Carbon Fiber or EuroSport, rugged Digital or Retro camouflage, classy leather and even a fun Paw Print option, among others. Then decide between solid or two-tone color options to create the perfect look. When you’re done, we’ll make your GMC Terrain seat covers and send them to you with our easy installation instructions. In no time, you’ll have a customized look that you’ll love.