GMC Acadia Seat Covers

GMC Acadia owners get to enjoy a great mid-size SUV that's great for families, outdoor enthusiasts, work fleets and people who make it a priority to buy American made products. Regardless of which one of these describe you, CalTrend GMC Acadia seat covers will rise to the occasion and protect your seats in style.

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Reliability and Style

Our fabrics offer a stylish selection of automotive colors, with most available in a two-tone option that can really create a great look for your interior. Since we create our own designs, they fit like a glove and include covers for armrests and headrests. It’s the reliability and functions of our fabrics choices that provide the reliability you deserve and expect. We rigorously test each one and offer options that range from stylish EuroSport to family-friendly Neoprene to the ultra-rugged DuraPlus. We even have fabrics that offer water and pet resistance so we can truly meet the needs of every lifestyle. There’s no doubt you’ll be able to order a set of GMC Acadia seat covers that suit you perfectly, but we offer a 2-year warranty anyway.

American Made in California

Our seat covers are 100% American made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing location in Santa Ana, California. Once you choose the fabric and color options you want, we’ll make your GMC Acadia seat covers to order. The design we’ll use is our own and comes from over 20 years of experience and innovation that helps us create exact specifications for an ideal fit for each vehicle. Then we use outstanding craftsmanship to make it well and make it fast, so you can enjoy a high-quality product and a fast turnaround time. When you receive them, they’ll be so easy to install you won’t need a single tool. Let our experience help you protect your seats with reliability and style.