Ford Mustang Seat Covers

Customize your Ford Mustang with CalTrend seat covers. Our unmatched material quality, color choices and attention to detail have made CalTrend the number-one choice for Ford Mustang Seat Covers.

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Installing Your New Seat Covers

Installation CalTrend custom fit Ford Mustang seat covers is easy no matter the style you choose. Start by doing a quick cleaning of your seats so that any debris are removed. Put the back rest portion into place by sliding it over the back of your seat. Pull it down completely, eliminating any bunching or gaps at the headrest. Take the straps and run them below the cushion of the seat and then tightly secure them into place. Next, take the seat portion and pull it into place over the cushion. Lastly, tuck the access material into place so that your covers conform to your seats and have a smooth appearance. After your Ford Mustang covers are in place, you can adjust your seats to your specifications so that you can drive comfortably and safely.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

With more than two decades in the industry, we know our products and how to help you to make the best choice for your Ford Mustang. Whether you want a classic upholstery material for simple sophistication or a sporty striped seat cover, we are here to ensure that you are happy with your decision. Your vehicle will quickly get the interior upgrade you want to ensure that the interior is protected and just as luxurious and sporty as your Mustang’s exterior. Do not delay on getting your new Ford Mustang seat covers. Our superior customer services makes sure that you are confident that you chose the right company for your vehicle interior needs.

Mustang Seat Covers

If you drive a Ford Mustang, rest assured that you have many options when it comes to these seat covers too. If you’re going for a sporty look, consider micro suede, neoprene, or tweed material.  To customize your Ford Mustang with a tough and durable material consider Cordura, Duraplus or NeoSupreme.  With CalTrend you simply choose the material that suits your needs, select a color and pattern then we go to work in our Southern California factory to build your Ford Mustang seat covers.

All CalTrend seat covers are custom fit, come with free shipping to 48 states and usually ship out within a week. Make sure your interior trim is first class. Don’t skimp on seat covers, they are important interior accessories as are floor mats, steering wheel covers and dash kits. Drive in style with quality front and rear car seat covers as your Mustang’s engine roars with it’s awesome-sounding cold air intake, tuner kit and it’s menacing wheels.