Chevy R1500 Suburban Seat Covers

We are the experts, providing top-notch Chevy R1500 Suburban Seat Covers made with world's leading fabrics. Our unmatched quality, cutting-edge design and attention to detail have made CalTrend the number-one choice for your Chevy R1500 Suburban Seat Covers needs.

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A Choice for Everyone

We understand that our customers have a wide variety of lifestyles with a lot of different vehicles. That’s why we offer a selection of fabrics with variety of styles and purposes. Whether you need tough protection for a work vehicle or a stylish pop to cover up some damage, we can make it for you. As you look through our fabric choices, you’ll see fantastic options for protecting your seats from the elements and anything else your lifestyle dictates. From water-resistant NeoSupreme to super-tough DuraPlus, you can find what you need. Since each of our fabrics are available in several color choices, you’ll be able to get the look that fits you best.

How We Became an Icon

CalTrend has been around for almost 25 years and have set the standard in our industry. We’ve accomplished this by making seat covers our ONLY focus, creating our own designs with exact specifications for a perfect fit every time. Every set is made to order in our California facility with a commitment to unsurpassed quality that is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2-year warranty. Precise cuts, immaculate tailoring, state of the art equipment and rigorous testing of every fabric result in a long-lasting and reliable product that is also easy to install. We’ve been able to maintain that level of quality for our customers while achieving the fastest turnaround time available, so rely on us to make the perfect Chevy seat covers for your needs.