Ford Ranger Seat Covers

Not your ordinary compact pickup, the Ranger made its debut in the early-80s, quickly becoming a consumer favorite. With its various engine options, there was a little something for every driver’s needs. Ford took an almost decade-long—and unexpected—hiatus from manufacturing the Ranger in Canada and the United States. When it resumed production in 2018, a new and improved Ranger was built.

The 2019 model will be mid-size with enhanced grilles and greater aerodynamics via a special tailgate with spoiler, all aluminum. The engine is turbocharged, and it has an automatic transmission that boasts of 10 speeds.

Although the Ranger may not win any awards for its aesthetics, its unrivaled gas mileage and functionality will surely continue to garner commendation in truck-loving circles.

CalTrend is the leading provider of Ford Ranger leather seat covers.